Best South Bend locations for the perfect wedding photos

After the cake is gone and the gifts are opened, the one thing you will have left to help you remember that special day forever is your photographs. Many couples are choosing to increase their wedding budget, have a first look, and increase the time between their ceremony and reception all to make sure they have plenty of time to take the best pictures ever of their best day ever! One of the biggest questions we get from our couples – where should we go?

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite places…

University of Notre Dame Campus:

Notre Dame is easily one of the first places that comes to mind when someone asks one of the best local places to take engagement or wedding photos. The campus offers a huge variety of backgrounds and landscaping.

Some of our favorite places to take photos on campus are:

  • The Golden Dome
  • The Grotto
  • The Basilica of Sacred Heart
  • The Football Stadium

Saint Mary’s College Campus

Located about five minutes down the road from the Waterford Estates Lodge, Saint Mary’s is easily one of the most beautiful places to capture images in. The campus is much smaller than Notre Dame with a lot less foot traffic making it much easier to get the perfect shot!

St. Patrick’s Park

St. Patrick’s Park is absolutely one of our favorite locations! Not only is it located close to us, but there is easily something there for everyone and every image style. This location features a large red barn, fields and paths, beautiful trees and greenery, the river, many bridges, and gazebos.

Downtown South Bend

From the historic houses and buildings to the river and East Race, Downtown South Bend is a great spot to go to get many different backdrops for all of your wedding photos. Though you may have to do a bit more walking to get the perfect shot downtown than some of the other locations – it will certainly be worth it!


A special thanks to Westley Leon Studios for all of the above images!

Waterford Estates Lodge

Many of our brides decide to skip the travel time and choose to take all of their pictures on site at the Waterford Estates Lodge. Our property actually has some beautiful landscapes available to help you get the best image. Indoor or outdoor, we are sure to have the spot for your perfect pictures!

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