2018 Wedding Trends Unveiled

On average, 2018 couples are focusing on EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE!

Although the average guest size is going down, the amount spent per guest is increasing with more interactive experiences and details that couples want their guests to notice!

Some wedding trends come and go, while others have remained consistent for years and years, but the great thing about trends is that you can pick and choose what is right for you!!

We are excited to provide some of our insight on what’s going to be “IN” for 2018. So before you continue to plan your big day, here are 8 wedding trends that are set to be HOT this year courtesy of WeddingWire!

Color, Color, and more Color

Color is the easiest way to bring your personality into your wedding. Choosing the right color palette is a huge part of the overall style and theme for your wedding and will be represented throughout your entire day. We have noticed that brides are selecting Bold, vibrant colors and tend to be avoiding traditional pastels in 2018. Colors like Burgundy, Ultra Violet, Plum, Apricot and Butter Yellow will be everywhere this season.

Ultra Violet was chosen to be the 2018 COLOR of the Year by Pantone. (see article here) We expecting to see hints of Ultra Violet all over the place this year at The Waterford.

Greenery and Hanging Flowers

Hanging floral and greenery displays began to appear in 2017 and continue to be a popular choice in 2018. These displays have been more elaborate and creative than last year and are an awesome way to add height or levels to your decor. They can also help to eliminate clutter on the tables and allow for open and unblocked views and conversations amongst your guests.

{Brooklyn Bride} Photo Credit: Stacey Simpson for Levi Stolve Photography

Low Centeripices and Cascading Bouquets

intimate floral arrangements have made an impact on the 2018 wedding season. These lower, full arrangements allow for easy conservation among guests, as well as the opportunity to bring more of the bride’s personality to the table through these displays. 2018 brides are wanting a more intimate feel among the guests.

{Budget Bride}

For 2018 when it comes to bouquets, bigger is definitely better.  The 80’s trend has returned to the wedding scene in the form of large beautiful cascading bouquets. They achieve a look of effortless beauty and are a great addition to any wedding.

Themed Food Displays and Quirky Dessert Tables

Whether it be a late night snack or doughnuts for dessert, in 2018 we will see brides leaning towards more comfort items when it comes to food and awesome displays. In 2018 brides are opting for more of a dessert table over the traditional wedding cake. Cheesecake bars, Doughnut towers, cookies, pies, let your imagination run wild!! YUM!


Casual Groom Attire

Patterned socks, cool sneakers, cowboy boots, funky wingtips, the options are endless for grooms to pick their shoes and socks that best represents their style on their wedding day!

Metallic and Geometric Accents

The 2018 wedding season will be full of new ideas and needs for brides. 2018 brides want to push the boundaries and wow their guests and are exploring and experimenting with new shapes and materials in their decor. Metallic details have already proven popular in 2017 and will continue in 2018 with an emphasis on gold and copper.


Geometric accents are a new, modern, and edgy twist that has recently become popular among bridal decor. 2018 brides have incorporated these geometric shapes into all aspects of their big day, from circle or triangle shaped arches when they say I DO, to quirky candle holders. Look out for this HOT new Trend.


Adding textures into weddings can help create depth and visual interest for the guests. Textures have always been important when it comes to the bridal gown (lace, sequins, and jewels) and with the wedding cake (petal frosting, flowers and pearls, and ruffles)but now we will be seeing this trend more in the decor itself with ruched chair covers, crinkle or petal taffeta tablecloths, and different greens in the bouquet and centerpieces

Natural Hair and Make-up

2018 wedding trends are going for the overall more natural feel and this is applying directly to the brides’ themselves. They are opting out of the layered on makeup and overdone hair and choosing to go for a more natural look.


We are excited to see what wedding trends will come to The Waterford Estates Lodge Grand Ballroom in 2018. Are you??

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